Carolyn Fisher's Vitals
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Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Soldier
Court: Summer
Fame: Not much!
Position: {$Position}
Themesong: "Invincible", Pat Benetar
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This woman is relatively tall, standing at about five foot eight without heels, but so thin that it seems like she could be blown away by a strong wind. Her thinness doesn't quite speak of gauntness or a lack of food; instead, she seems honed, as if bones and skin had been whittled away to their essential natures, leaving only the strongest portions behind. Her face is blade-like, thin with a sharp, hooked nose, and deep-set, black eyes. Her lips are barely there at all, and seem set in a perpetual, narrow smirk. Her hair is kept in neat cornrows against her skull; that and her dark skin suggest an African-American origin, but her skin is now the glossy green of the holly leaves. Her hands are unnaturally long, and thin, the fingertips pointed like knives. When she moves, something about her suggests the addition of joints that were never meant to grace a human body. Hips and breasts are barely enough to suggest a female nature, giving her an androgynous appearance. It may be a side-effect of her narrow, dark features, but she appears to be at least in her mid-thirties.
In contrast to her unusual appearance, the woman is wearing very ordinary clothing: a plain, grey sweatshirt, with the logo long since washed away, faded blue jeans, sneakers that have seen many better days, and a ragged denim jacket that seems to have been made for someone a good three inches taller and fifty or sixty pounds heavier, and its large pockets are usually bulging. She wears no jewelry, nor carries a purse. There's a curious, wavering distortion around the woman, as if she were caught in a heat mirage.


Carolyn has been in NYC for about eight months; she works nights with one
of the security agencies; her postings change based on need, so she
doesn't really have a steady place of work. She's a Summer Court Wizened
with the Soldier kith; despite this, she tends to be pretty easy-going,
and even has a reputation as a bit of a soft touch when other Lost are in
trouble. She saves her fury for hobs who traffic in Changelings, and the
occassional Privateer if she can catch them. She does, however, have a
fondness for dueling, and a rather prickly sense of 'offense'…it largely
seems to be related to how bored she's feeling.

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