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The follow lists show what the current open plots are, who is running them, and who the main casts for each plot are. To add to this page C/P the following and fill in the blanks. When a plot has been finished please move it to the finish plots page. Also please not that the synopsis can only be one paragraph long. You can put a more indepth synopsis on the plot's main page.

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Three Little Girls
Startdate: Thursday, October 30th, 2008 End Date: TBA
Cast: Julia, Grue, Low-Key, Lise, Lillian. (Still open to more) Storyteller: ST-Kitty
Synopsis: The plot so far: Three little fairest girls have wandered down into the The Hollow, only to be attacked and abused by the denizens of the Freehold. One of them claimed to have had information, but these cries went mostly unheard. Currently the little girls are stuffed into a defunct boiler. Visit the Three Little Girls page for more information.
Heart of Stone
Startdate: Saturday, November 1st, 2008 End Date: TBA
Cast: Open Storyteller: Low-Key
Synopsis: High ground has always been considered desirable defensive positions. But the rooftops of New York City are just as much linked to the world beyond as the street levels can be. When the PC's discover a stranger lurking amongst the gargoyles of New York's architecture, what is it he wants, and how will they react? Visit the Heart of Stone page to find out more.
Goblin Doors
Startdate: A few weeks ago End Date: Soon
Cast: All the changelings Storyteller: Grue
Synopsis: The Goblin Doors - Once there was a small goblin market that existed on the rooptops of the oldest buildings in NYC. The White Scarecrow forced the doors closed to 'protect' his people. Now rumor has surfaced that a local Privateer band has discovered one of the doors and plans to seize the old market as a base of operations. Can the PCs stop them and secure the door for their own use? And can they make peace with the goblin market for past transgressions and perhaps gain a powerfull ally in the city? See Goblin Doors for more details.
The Pie Man
Startdate: {$Startdate} End Date: {$Enddate}
Cast: {$Cast} Storyteller: Twitch
Synopsis: See The Pie Man page for more.
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