Flynn's Vitals
Name: {$Fullname}
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Levinquick
Court: Spring
Fame: None Yet
Position: None Yet
Themesong: {$Themesong}
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Spring Mantle 1


To most, Danielle (who normally goes by her last name, Flynn) appears to be a young woman in her mid-20's with pale skin, long coppery blond hair usually pulled back in a ponytail, and dark green eyes. She normally wears sneakers, jeans and t-shirts, with a number of tools peeking out of pockets. Around her neck is a small gold locket on a gold chain; barring that, she wears no other jewelry.

Behind the Mask, she appears to be made out of blue lightning, ones and zeroes running through it at impressive speeds. Small arcs of electricity emit from her hair, and her eyes glow a brilliant green. At times, she leaves vapor trails when she runs, resulting in a thin line of blue that snakes behind her.

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