Goblin Doors Intermission

It is unusual for Kyle to be making his way home so late, but when the opportunity came to make a few extra bucks under the table came along, the Gargantuan took the shot. The foreman had them all hauling lumber up a ladder for a few hours, so his normally grimy clothes are even worse for wear that normal. With his hands shoved into the pockets of his large coat, he keeps his head low to avoid the wind, his eyes downcast as he makes his way to Mahmood's Coffe and Deli, where he shares an apartment with Lina.

As the ogre passes an alleyway, he will hear within the distinct sounds of a scuffle. Tramping feet, the snick of switchblades, and a squeakily muttered curse in an Arcadian tounge. The scent of brimstone is on the air, and a second voice hisses coldly. "Back to the thorns with you pissant. Maybe the master can use you in a soup."

That perks the tall man's head up. His eyes widen as he hears a language that he hasn't heard outside of his dreams in nearly year. He almost takes a step forward, as if he were Summer Born, before the doubt and concern overcomes his features. Wildly, he looks around him, the city streets lightly traveled, before glancing into the darkness of the ally. The fear that comes to him is easily read by any looking at him — Is this a trap? Is this a trick? Somehow, against his nature, he takes a cautious step into the ally, attempting to remain quiet and hidden, even though his bulk rarely allows that to occur.

In the Alleyway there are two figures, a squat goblin-esq lass with the head of a mouse. And a rougher looking fellow with a leather jacket and grubby jeans. In one hand he holds a switchblade, in the other a pistol. This he has pointing at the mouse lady's head. The dumpster behind them shimmers with glamour, noting it as a temporary portal into the hedge beyond.

"Now. Move you little vermin. Before I change my mind and make an example of you." The bigger and obviously stronger man kicks the goblin and gestures towards the dumpster.

Hands shaking, Kyle hunches down against the ally, watching the scene unfold. His eyes dart from the mouse-headed creature to the ruffian and back. Glancing back where he came, he tries to measure the distance from her to the exit. Surely, the fellow with the gun won't follow out onto the city streets. Fighting his instincts that cry for him to get far away from this place, the Ogre looks for something…anything…a trash can, a loose brick that he can heave at the man with a gun. Perhaps he can knock him away.

Scrambling in the filthy ally around him, he pulls his fingers back sharply from a painful prick. Gritting his teeth, he reaches back and snatches a heavy, sharply broken piece of brick and morter. Visions of warm, sand baked clay flash through his mind, fever dreams of a past best forgotten, and strength floods his arms. Standing, he hollers loudly, "Run!" With a hard grunt, he throws the piece of stone into the assailant's chest, coming out of the shadows to stand to his full height, in hopes of increasing any intimidation attempts he might make next.

The biker guy is hit hard in the chest, and stumbles backwards in alarm. "Where the fuck did you come from! This will teach you!" He raises his hand to shoot at Kyle… But the hand is empty. The mouse girl tsks softly and raises the assailant’s gun towards his abdomen. How she got the pistol is anyone's guess - but her intent should be clear.

With a grimace, Kyle takes one step forward, and his body begins to creak and snap. His lips pull back in a snarl, more for the pain of the experience than as a direct threat, but his face certainly takes on a frightening aspect. With every step, his frame lengthens, his shoulders thicken, until he becomes as large as any man — and then he grows beyond that. One thick fist slams into the wall, as he fights from crying out in pain, and the Ogre becomes bigger than a full-sized grizzly. He fills the hallway and glowers at the biker, and says shakily, "Don't move."

The biker shrugs and offers an 'Oh Shit' smile. This suddenly dips into a frown as shots ring out in the alleyway. Blood quickly soaks thru the biker’s shirt as the mouse goblin drops the still warm gun and darts for the street with a squeak, "Thanks Tiny. More on their way!"

Blinking, the behemoth is stunned for a few seconds, before his inner nature takes over and he turns and follows the girl, his long limbs taking him in great strides. "Wait! Wait! I didn't know there were more of us…" He lowers his voice when he scans the few people on the street, and the idle thought strikes him — what do they see when they look at the two of them? "Privateers? This close! Wait! Where is the rest of the Court?"

The mouse stops at the mouth of the alleyway and glances both ways, unsure of which way to go. She pants as her heart races. "Wont last long…. out of the hedge…. Please… siezed the market… executing free hobs… All for free trade… But this is tryany…"

Kyle glances over his shoulder, a look at any of the buildings, but his eyes fall on the one housing the Turkish Cafe. "I don't know of any gates. I stay out of the Hedge, since…well, since a long time ago. Do you know any surviving Freeholds? I can tell them, but I don't know who to talk to…most of the Lost here are gone!" The long run for her was only a short jog for him, and he still has his breath — but his words are just as halted. "I can try to find a gate, if you can't, but I don't know if I'll be in time. Who were you trying to find?" All comes out in a jumble as thoughts hit him rapidly.

"I was just trying to escape. Not looking for you… But yeah. There is a Hollow left, old station for trains in the center of the city. Wont be standing much longer. The Redcoats are marching to sieze it next." The mouse shrugs and scratches her whiskers, "Look, you folks distract them lo9ng enough for us to mount a resistance, and I will make sure you all are rewarded in kind. Deal?" She doesnt wait for an answer. Instead she turns and heads off down the street, following the wind.

Dumbfounded, the Gargantuan stands there in the middle of the sidewalk, unaware of the mortals that casually walk around him in his stupor. It takes a moment for him to collect his thoughts, before he remembers the biker and all of the men that might come after him. In half the time it took him to grow, Kyle shrinks down to his normal size, and he rapidly makes his way away from his apartment home, towards downtown Manhattan, his mind racing with fears and concerns and plans.

As Kyle exits the Alleyway, the sounds of growling snarling howling beasts can be heard thru the hedge portal, growing ever closer. The growls become the roar of motorcycles upon breaking thru into reality, and head off down the street towards City Hall. The howls, well - those are the howls of the wild biker men and women, each one wearing a leather jacket stained crimson with blood.

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