Heart Of Stone


He's forgotten exactly why he came out of the Hedge, but he knows it had something to do with chasing a bird. When he emerged into the concrete jungle he looked up and saw nightmares in the sky. They clung to the sides of buildings, leering down at him and refusing to look away. He wandered for hours watching them, trying to look them in the eye and find out why they were watching him in turn. And then finally he laid down and died, his body flaking away and dissolving into nothingness…

When he woke up, he was still enraptured by the stone creatures. He talks to them up close, living on the roofs of New York city with them, searching for the elusive bird that led him here. He asks the gargoyles how to get home again, and they answer him in riddles. He's getting closer though, he can feel it, and perhaps these small beings below can help…

"They see you, even when I don't. And they tell me everything…"

Description of the Lord of the Gargoyles

The Lord of the Gargoyles is so thin that his ribs are easily visible. He has a large beak-like nose and quick-moving light brown eyes. His hair is muddy brown, reaching down to his shoulders. He appears to be in his late teens, but his voice has the quivering timber of a child's. His fingers and toes are elongated, long and spider-like, his eyes large and yellow. And strangely, where he moves the stone seems to bend slightly under his touch.

Action So Far:

The Gargoyles Watch- In which Red, Wolfgang, and Apple meet the Lord of Gargoyles, and are given a riddle which is deceptively easy to solve. Is the man Insane, or Inspired? What are his motivations, and what might the consequences be if his bird isn't found?

Are you Dangerous?- Peony and Grady meet the strange dancing man in Harlem, he's still looking for his bird.

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