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Comsys help verify


Please see Bbhelp.


+bug <title>=<description>

This command is used for bug reporting. In <title> put the command that is bugged, or something else appropriate. Please be as descriptive as possible in the <description> field. What were the results you were expecting? What happened in its place? By giving lots of detail here, it saves us the time of tracking you down to drag the information out of you. Thanks.


Type '+census' to see a breakdown of approved characters.


+chance - Roll a single die. If it comes up 1, it's a dramatic failure. If it comes up 10, it is rolled again.


/p —> Roll privately.
/l —> Roll loudly, even to invisible folks.
/p N —> Page your chance roll to the people named.

+chance/p - Privately roll a chance die.
+chance/p Mary Sue - Page Mary Sue a chance roll.
+chance/l - Roll a chance die loudly.


+finger <name> - displays useful information about the player selected; such as unread mail and last login time.

You can set other +finger information on yourself in three categories:

-Staff Only-
&staff-finger-<title> me=<note for staff only>
Ex: contact info (totally optional), Alts, etc

-OOC Info-
&ooc-finger-<title> me=<OOC note for all to see>
Ex: Normal online times, rp preferences, storyteller alt

-IC Info-
&ic-finger-<title> me=<IC stuff for all to see>
Ex: Motley recruitment info


+heal/options<amount> - Heal yourself.

/b - Bashing damage. This is the default if no options are specified.
/l - Lethal damage.
/a - Aggravated damage.

Amount: Not required, but you can enter an amount of damage to heal.

+heal - Heal 1 point of bashing damage.
+heal 4 - Heal 4 points of bashing damage.
+heal/l 3 - Heal 3 points of lethal damage.
+heal/a - Heal 1 point of aggravated damage.


+hedge/glam - Enters the hedge by spending a point of glamour.
+hedge/wyrd - Attempts to enter the hedge with a wyrd roll.
+hedge/exit - Exits the Hedge.
+hedge/follow <name> - Follows the named person into the hedge with no glamour cost and no wyrd roll.

All of these commands announce to the room when used. They are meant to facilitate RP, not serve as a way to escape/track someone ooc.


+hurt/options<amount> - Cause yourself damage.

/b - Bashing damage. This is the default if no options are specified.
/l - Lethal damage.
/a - Aggravated damage.

Amount: Not required, but you can enter an amount of damage to take.

+hurt - Take 1 point of bashing damage.
+hurt 4 - Take 4 points of bashing damage.
+hurt/l 3 - Take 3 points of lethal damage.
+hurt/a - Take 1 point of aggravated damage.


+info is a tool for telling other players what they could find out about your character IC and what reasons they might have to roleplay with your character. To view your own information, type +info; to view others' information, type +info <name>.

To create general +info for yourself, type &info me=<text>.

To create specific +info which only people of certain groups can see, type &info-<group> me=<text>, replacing any spaces in the group name with underscores (_).

<group> can be any group from +list - a race, a tradition, a court, a path, whatever. Example: &info-summer me=<text>.

You can also do custom groups but keep in mind that anyone with their group stat set to that text will see the +info. &info-Hell's_Bells me=<text> would show up to anyone with the group, faction, cabal, motley, coterie, or pack text "Hell's Bells".


See Jhelp.


+myjob <#>
+myjob/add <#>=<comment>

This suite of commands allows the submitter to view and modify jobs that they have submitted to the system. When viewing a job that you own, you can only see the comments that you have added, not comments added by others.

Jobs can be tagged by staff for you to see. In those instances, you can see all comments added, not just those you have added.


+notes - Shows you a list of your own notes.
+notes <name> - Shows you a list of <name's> visible notes.
+note <name>/<#> - Shows you note <#> on <name>
+note/set <name>/<title>=<text> - Sets a note titled <title> on <name> with the body of <text>

You can also lock notes to only be visible to certain groups. See '+help note/lock' for more info.


Special locks:
me - makes the note private. May not be combined with other locks.
This is the default lock on notes set on players.
all - makes the note public to all. May not be combined with other locks.
staff - only you and staff will be able to pass the lock.
staffonly - only staff will pass it. May not be combined with other locks.
Only staff may set and clear this lock.
approved - only approved players will pass it.
here - only people physically present can pass it.
This is the default lock on notes set on rooms, exits, and objects.
visible - only people physically present and visible can pass it.
invisible - only people physically present but not visible can pass it.
Multiple locks may be added separated by | symbols unless noted above.

Stat locks (player must be approved to pass these):
stat=value - Kith=Darkling - anyone who is a Darkling.
stat>value - Perception>3 - anyone with a perception greater than 3.
stat<value - Occultation<2 - anyone with an occultation less than 2.
stat>=value - Strength>=2 - strength greater than or equal to 2.
stat<=value - Fame<=2 - fame less than or equal to 2.
For a full list of stats and their valid values, see +list.

+note/lock me/12=visible - only people visible and present can see it.
+note/lock me/12=here|approved - only approved and present players.
+note/lock me/12=here|Perception>3 - anyone present with high perception.
+note/lock me/12=Race=Vampire - any vampire anywhere can see it.
+note/lock me/12=Court=Summer|Perception>3|here - anyone present,
of the summer court, with high perception.
+note/lock me/12=invisible|Race=Vampire - only invisible vampires.
+note/lock me/12=Race=Vampire|coterie=Joe's Vampires - only vampires in
the coterie "Joe's Vampires".


+prove/options <stats> - Verifies your stats for other players.

<stat> - Proves the value of the stat.
<stat>=<#> - Proves you have that stat at at least that number.
<note> - Shows others your +note.
<item> - Shows others all details of the item.
<item>=<#> - Shows others your item has a <stat> of at least that number.
<section> - Shows any section of your sheet.

/p <name>=… - Page a +prove to someone.
/l - Loud +prove. Everyone sees it, even invisible characters.
/n - +prove a note.
/i - +prove an item.
/c - +prove an item's resources cost.
/q - +prove an item's quality.
/s - +prove your sheet or part of your sheet.

+prove Composure - Proves your composure to everyone you can see.
+prove/l Wits - Proves your wits to everyone in the room, visible or not.
+prove Wits=3 - Proves you have a wits stat of at least 3.
+prove/s Rotes - Proves the rotes section of your sheet.
+prove/p John=Health - Proves your health to John.
+prove/p/n John Sally=1 - Shows John and Sally your note #1.
+prove/s/p John Sally - Shows your sheet to John and Sally.
+prove/i Knife - Show everyone you can see your knife item.
+prove/q Knife=2 - Show that your knife is at least +2 to weaponry.


+regain/options <stat>=<attribute>+<skill>+<merit>+<situational modifiers>

Regain +spent points in Glamour. This code will emit privately to you if used in the OOC rooms; if used on the grid, it will emit to the entire room. This is to prevent people from using it in public situations where they would not ordinarily be able to perform the activities required to regain their spent points.

Attributes and skills are listed on your sheet. Permissible merits are as follows: Harvest. You may add a situational modifier of up to 3 to your roll. You may only make this roll once every four hours. As with +roll, you may roll your temporary stats as well as your permanent ones.

/1 —> 1's subtract from successes.
/n —> Don't reroll 10's.
/8 —> Reroll 8's, 9's, and 10's.
/9 —> Reroll 9's and 10's.

+regain/9 Glamour=Manipulation+Persuasion+Harvest - Run a therapy session.


+request <title>=<description>

This command requests <title> and <description> from staff. The request is added to the jobs list and will be tended to as soon as possible. Please do not bug staff - it will be handled shortly. There is a standard three day turnaround time on +requests.

Please note - +requests asking for IC information will be denied.


+roll - Roll a number of dice. You can roll numbers, your stats, and others' stats. If you use + or -, the code will add the number of dice up for you. All 10s are rerolled by default. NOTE: Dashes are assumed to indicate subtraction. Using them in any other way will confuse the code and give invalid results.

+roll/options Presence + Socialize + 3 - Mary Sue's Resolve

/p X —> Roll privately.
/l X —> Roll loudly, even to invisible folks.
/p N=X —> Page a roll.
/1 —> 1's subtract from successes.
/n —> Don't reroll 10's.
/8 —> Reroll 8's, 9's, and 10's.
/9 —> Reroll 9's and 10's.

+roll/p Wits+Composure - Privately roll your wits + composure.
+roll/p Mary Sue=3 - Page Mary Sue a roll of 3 dice.
+roll/n/1 5 - Roll 5 dice, 1's subtracting, no 10's are rerolled.
+roll/p/n/1 Mary Sue=Presence+Empathy-3-Mary Sue's Resolve - Roll privately to Mary Sue your presence + empathy minus three since she doesn't like you, and minus her resolve. 1's will subtract from your successes and 10's will not be rerolled.


+spend/options <stat> - Spend an expendable stat.

/l - Spend the stat with an emit to everyone in the room, visible or not.
/p - Spend the stat with no emit.
/p N=… - Spend the stat and page the spend to someone else.

+spend Vitae - Spend 1 vitae; everyone you see will see the spend.
+spend/l Glamour - Loudly spend 1 glamour.
+spend/p Willower - Spend 1 willpower point privately.
+spend/p John=Mana - Spend 1 mana via page to John.


+stage - brings up a list of all the main stages and the number of people currently on them.

+stage <ltr> - teleports you to the choosen stage.


Syntax: +temproom <name>

This command creates a temporary roleplay room from /any/ grid location. This room can be desced as needed, and will be recycled once no longer in use.


+time - Displays the global IC time.
+time/set - Sets the time to whatever you wish for a individual scene.


+typo <typo description>

This command reports a typo. Please be specific about where the typo is, what the typo is, and what you think it should be changed to.



Displays the IC Weather.


XP Commands can be used in any OOC room.

+xp - Shows spendable XP and total XP earned in play.
+xpbuy <stat>=<value> - Allows you to purchase stats with XP.
+xpbuy/wild <stat>/<wildcard>=<value> - allows you to purchase wildcard stats with XP.

+list <list> - Lists settable stats and values.
+check <merit> - See what the prerequisties are for a merit.
+lower <stat> - Lower a stat by one. Does not grant XP.
+change <stat>=<value> - Allows you to change some stats after chargen.

To avoid statting errors, please type <stat> as seen in +list. If you do not specify the stat in full, the code will default to the first match alphabetically.


+sheet - View your current character sheet.
+list<list> - List settable stats and values.
+set <stat>=<value> - Set a stat.
+set/wild <stat>/<wildcard>=<value> - Sets a stat with a wildcard.
+set/s <skill>=<specialty> - Set a specialty.
+remove <stat> - Remove a stat completely.
+remove/s <skill>=<speciality> - Removes a specialty.
+reset - Resets your entire sheet!
+check <merit> - See what the prerequisites are for a merit.
+sell clarity - Sells a point of clarity for 5xp (max of 2 points)
+check - Check your character over to see if you can be approved.
+finalize - Cement your stats and stamp you approved.

After approval, you can also:

+lower <stat> - Lower a stat by one. Does not grant XP.
+change <stat>=<value> - Allows you to change some stats after chargen.

If it isn't available in chargen, it cannot be set. Stats are expected to be base-character level. A 5 or greater in anything costs 2 points instead of 1 per dot. Please report bugs with +bug Chargen=<details>.


See comhelp


Syntax: +help
+help <topic>

The first command gets you the index of +help files available on global commands
and topics, while the second gets you the help file on that topic.
Created by Valin@NC 12/31/96


Our dice command uses a verification tag to ensure that a +roll is legit and you are not being spoofed.

+verify <stuff> - Sets a personal tag shown only to you whenever a coded +roll is performed.

+verify/random - Sets a random tag shown only to you whenever a coded +roll is performed.

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