Kitty's Vitals
Name: Luz "Kitty" Delgado
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Fame: None
Position: Stripclub Manager
Themesong: Everybody Knows by Concrete Blonde
Marion Cotillard as Luz "Kitty" Delgado

NOTE: All content on this page should be considered OOC unless you have the IC means to know it.


Luz "Kitty" Delgado has been out of the Hedge for a year now. She's a sarcastic and bitter woman that works at a seedy strip-joint. She does not currently have a Motley, though she does frequent The Hollow- when it's safe to be visited.

Summer Mantle: 3


Kitty is of a medium height (5'6" if one were to guess), with a mildly athletic form. Her hair is that odd dark orange on light orange color of a tabby cat. It tumbles around her face and shoulders like a mane when allowed free of a hair tie. Her eyes are an amber color, they often hold a smoldering anger in them. The darkly furred orange ears ontop of her head can be missed through her when it is down. The cat ears may or may not be functional, since she also has a set of human ears. While her hands aren't quite paws they are the only other part of her body that has any amount of fur, the back of them having a thin layer of orange fur. Her nails are not quite claws, but they are thicker and rather wicked looking. She also has a tail, a fluffy orange tail.

On her head is black Gatsby cap, with a wide brim. The hat is however worn sideways, so that the brim frames the left side of her face. It causes her hair to fall around her face, framing it in orange. The hat has two holes for her orange ears to peek out the top.

Currently Kitty is dressed casually, she's got on a cheap cableknit sweater over the top of a loose high-collared white dress shirt. On her legs she wears a pair of loose fitting, well worn blue jeans. Her shoes are a pair of black combat boots.

RP Logs

None yet!

Recent Events (Plot Hooks)

  • Recently Kitty has been gathering up the Summer Courtiers who are interested so that she can have a warparty to clear out an old hollow, and reclaim it.


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