Low-Key's Vitals
Name: Low-Key Lyesmith
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin/Whisperwisp
Court: Summer
Fame: Not terribly known for much…
Position: Agent Provocateur
Themesong: Evans Blue - Shine Your Cadillac
Alan Cumming as Low-Key Lyesmith

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He seems a bit of a scoundrel, that young man. Hanging around on the
streets, not doing any sort of noticable legitimate work, and he's prone
to disappearing from time to time for a few days. Definitely one of the
Changeling sort, he appears vague and insubstantial at times, with the
shifting hazy features of a mirrorskin, and it's always /hot/ around him.
You know those Darklings, he's probably some sort of criminal…


(Yes, his description changes at irregular intervals, so he's never the same if you look at him twice.)

Standing at about 6 feet, his build is thin and lithe without an ounce of fat on him, his ribs would be easy to count through his shirt and his face is [u(FN-FRACTION, mature|childish|thin|plump|rounded|angular|sharp, 60)]. The line of his jaw cuts out to a point and his nose is extremely [u(FN-FRACTION, long|crooked|straight|hooked|bulbous, 45)]. His eyes are calculating and [u(FN-FRACTION, black|grey|light brown|brown|dark brown|black|red|green|hazel, 30)], seeming to always be measuring and judging what he's looking at, considering it from all angles. %r %t Upon examination, he is not completely unattractive, his complexion is [u(FN-FRACTION, light|dark|brown|ebony|dark brown|tanned|yellow, 60)]. The [u(FN-FRACTION, blonde|dark blonde|light brown|brown|dark brown|black|red, 90)] hair is cut short and neatly kept, a few inches long all around and continually needing re-tucked behind his ear. He's clean-shaven, with teeth that are a little more pointed than square. The most striking facial feature being a thick scar crossing diagonally across his lips. %r %t Clothing today is simple, starting from the bottom up, simple athletic sneackers adorn his feet beneath washed out and faded blue-jeans. He most regularly wears some form of 'vintage' t-shirt with old 80's tv show or cartoon characters on them, perhaps striving for hipster irony or nostalgia.

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