Lynnette's Vitals
Name: Lynnette DelMonte
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer
Court: Spring
Fame: None yet
Position: Neophyte
Themesong: I'm just a girl?
{$Actor} as Lynnette DelMonte

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Lynette was taken from her New Hampshire home while still only 10 years old after being tricked into helping a "lost little boy". The Fae was a somewhat pedophillic collector of pretty things, and the next chunk of her life is best not described. After many years, however, it appeared that he was done with her, and with little aplomb she found herself cast out and on her own, managing to find her way to the hedge and out.

She found that she had only been gone a couple years in the real world, but two things held her back from regaining her former life. The first was that the automaton left in her place died almost immediately, and thus to her parents she was already dead and buried. Secondly, even were that not the case, she found herself a good 10 years older than she was when she disappeared.

She returned to the freehold, though she was still a rare figure. Not sure of how to adjust to her changed state she spent most of her time alone, then through herself into activities to try and give herself purpose. She soon found herself touring with an amateur ballet and once again leaving NYC, this time for several months. And while she found the work fulfilling she never quite fit in to the cast. Her looks set her apart from the more insecure dancers, and her strange mannerisms separated her from the "cool kids".

Now she has returned to the freehold once more, this time more sure that it is her home and where she needs to be. She has found herself especially helping the "newborns". Through this she's found latent desires to maybe become a nurse, though there's no way she could currently attempt that academically, her last grade completed being 4th. Still she picks up what she can in terms of first aid and basic medical information when she can.

Beyond that Lynnette does what she does best: draw eyes to herself with every move and word spoken, basking in the attention as she was taught to do.

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