Not Fetch!

Not Fetch! (Pt.1 of Three-Little-Girls)


The Hollow - City Hall Station - NYC

Beneath the mean streets and nestled between the intestinal guts of the metropolis sprawls the Hollow - New York's last communal freehold. A large drainage junction gives the impression of an Escher-inspired cathedral nightmare. Rusty water dripping is a constant cacophony in the background, and mildew permeates the air. Ladder rungs and tubes disappear into the heights, barely illuminated by light falling through grates and man-holes wielded shut into dead ends. Several crumbling holes in a concrete wall lead into a forgotten looping subway track covered by awe inspiring arched ceilings with 'City Hall' at the apex. Stairs descend and ascend, connecting various levels and platforms. Patterns of flowers lace through cracked tiles of dusty blue and stained-yellow white, shadowed by ornate chandeliers. The vaulted skylights are darkened by dirt as if buried alive in a huge coffin.

The Lost gather here where their numbers might yet count for something, so few the place is full of emptiness. Entrances upside secured by wizened-crafted traps, ones to the Hedge with occulted keys. Like a nest of rats between the walls, small comforts are snatched from above. Steam pipes provide heat and cooking surfaces while electricity is split off from underground building cables for lighting. Useful trash is fished out of open storm drains. Among labyrinth passages' nooks and crannies, bedding is made of refuse mattresses, newspaper sheets, and swinging hammocks. Mesh grates are covered with paper and plastic or sheets hung, in an attempt for privacy. For all the dangers that the Lost of New York face, in the Hollow they can at least put their back to a wall and hope to catch their breath. Yet even here the presence of the Hedge stalks ever near, hungry and uncaring. Too often a forgotten corridor or locked metal door sprouts leaves around the edges and opens to an impassable barrier made of thorns and brambles.



Grue lumbers through the hollow whistling off key and tossing cots aside as he peers into the dark places. A terrible jolly voice booms forth from his twisted maw, "Olly olly oxen free, come out and get… uhm… fricasee!"

"Did you just slant rhyme 'oxen free' with 'fricassee' old chap?" Low-Key reveals himself as having been perched up on several steam pipes. Seemingly unbothered by the heat of them, he hooks his legs and leans down, bending easily at the waist until he's hanging upside down and looking down the distance from halfway up the wall towards the ground, "That's a brilliant piece of composition there, though you don't seem the sort to appreciate it."

Leaning against a wall nearby, Julia's attention is drawn to the one with the jolly voice, her head tilting to one side. She's got a silvery hip flask in hand, a cold brow raising as she considers. The flask is lifted to her lips, a mouthful of whatever is within swallowed down quickly.

Lillian follows along looking kinda like she's been psyching herself up for a fight, even though she doesn't look remotely like the sort who might get into one. Still, she's got her fists balled up and an eager grin on her lips. "Yeah, yeah, beautiful bit of writing there. But I don't think that it's actually getting anybody to come out, I'm afraid."

ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 6: 0 successes, 6 failed.

Grue glances back at Lillian and grins terribly, and then up at Loki with a studied stare. Blink. Blink. "Found one! Chop im up and make a stew!"

Slinking down from upside is a.. little girl..? A small child with pig-tails in her hair, as she slinks down her foot slips upon something, and she tumbles the rest of the day down.

"It got me to come out." Low points out to Lillian, "And it got you to pipe up and say hello, now didn't it?" His voice has a British accent to it, not a clipped upper class one, but the short fast patter of a soccer hooligan. He turns as he hears the tumbling thumping sounds of someone falling down the stairs, wincing in sympathy (that does not quite reach his eyes) before unhooking his legs and doing a single flip in the air before landing on his feet not too far from Grue, "Whom? Me?"

The flask is restoppered and put away once more, and Julia pushes off the wall she's been leaning on. Maybe she's about to say something to the gathering group as she approaches, but her attention is quickly turned in the direction of the stumbling girl. And now it's time to frown.

"Coincidence," Lil says with a tough of laughter in her voice and a shrug of her shoulders. She moves forward, a rather graceful and swaying stride, toward the fallen child. "You all right, kiddo?" she asks.

Grue rolled to all visible players: 4 — Success=4

<OOC> Grue says, "Any sign of mantle to the little girl?"
<OOC> ST-Kitty says, "If she has a mantle it's very, very subtle."
<OOC> Grue nodnods.

Grue turns his attention away from Low-Key at the clattering noise and squints in the direction of the little girl. He sniffs at the air and then lets forth a terrible evil sounding laugh, "Grind em bones and make some bread. That little one don't belong. Let her live and we wind up dead. Uhm… something something… all day long!" Whipping out his meat cleaver and chomping his jaws, his intentions should be quite clear.

GAME: Grue spends one point of Glamour.
GAME: Grue spends one point of Glamour.

Grue rolled to all visible players: Presence + Intimidation + 2 + 1 — Success=3
ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 5: 3 successes, 3 failed.

The girl blinks and shifts about, rolling onto her knees and standing up. Her eyes go very wide, and her lower lip trembles. She turns and darts in Lillian's direction, exclaiming, "He's going to bake me into a pie!"

"Killing intruders is never wrong…?" Low helpfully supplies to Grue, watching the interaction between Grue and the little girl. He begins to stalk around the edges of the group now, starting to circle the little girl and those with her, just watching as his left hand goes into his pocket, removing a zippo which he flicks on and off, flame casting shadows on the nearby wall.

Lillian laughs and puts her hands on her hips. "Don't come running to me, kiddo," she says, suddenly looming a bit instead of seeming like a comforting presence. "Tell us what you're doing here or you're going to have some trouble, right? Who are you?" She glares at the girl with an intense gaze.

Lillian rolled to all visible players, rerolling 9's: Presence + Intimidation + 1 — Success=1
ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 5: 1 success, 4 failed.

There's a faint snort from Julia for a moment as she watches the girl dart towards Lillian, rolling her shoulders a moment. She doesn't watche the girl for much longer though, turning her gaze in the direction she came from, lips set into a thin, neutral line. And still, she remains quiet.

You paged Julia with 'Make me a perception roll?'.

Julia rolled to all visible players: Wits + Composure — Success=2
ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 5: 4 successes, 3 failed.
ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 6: 2 successes, 4 failed.

You paged Julia with 'Up at the top of the stairs you see another little fairest girl, she's obviously trying to be sneaky as she peeks around a corner to peer down.'.

Lise has arrived.
Lise arrives on the stage.

You paged Lise with 'Before you pose in; when you enter the upside entrance, at the top of the stairs peeking around the corner are two little fairest girls. They look to be flowerings. They're peeking down at the hollow and giggling softly to themselves.'.
Lise pages: So I am coming up behind them?
You paged Lise with 'Si.'.
You paged Lise with 'Are you going to try and be stealthy? ;)'.
From afar, Lise grins, nice. Yea, try being the main word ;) She got all paranoid thanks to the earlier conversation.

<OOC> ST-Kitty says, "Just.."
<OOC> ST-Kitty | @remit here=%N rolls for init: [dice(1,10)]

Julia rolls for init: 2
Lillian rolls for init: 7
Grue rolls for init: 6
Low-Key rolls for init: 9
Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Dexterity + Stealth — Success=3

Lise pages: There you go!

ST-Kitty rolls for init: 1

ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 5: 1 success, 4 failed.
ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 5: 2 successes, 3 failed.

You paged Lise with 'They don't seem to notice you coming up behind them.'.
Lise pages: Alright, she'll be sneaking up behind them, but close enough to try and peer in order to see what it is they are giggling at, hugging the shadows in hopes of not being detected (pulling her hood up to cover her fire as she does so.)

Grue makes a wonderfully expressive face and spread his arms wide to catch the little girl. It is an expressiion that speaks valumes in a single word: Lunch.

ST-Kitty rolled privately to Lise: 5: 1 success, 5 failed.
ST-Kitty rolled privately to Lise: 5: 2 successes, 3 failed.

You paged Lise with 'They still don't notice that you are there. Below in the Hollow are- Low-Key, Julia, Lillian, and Grue. An another little girl, though she doesn't look to be a flowering fairest, just a fairest. Grue has his armed wide and looks like he's about to eat the little girl. Her.. sisters(?) up here find this to be the most amusing thing ever.'.

Low-Key doesn't seem to do anything to encourage or discourage this course of action. He fades back just a little towards a nearby shadow, watching as the Ogre tries to eat the little girl, the scar on his lip twisting up as he examines the scene, letting the others mingle and interact first.

"Hey, hold it!" Lillian says, frowning a bit and holding up a hand to signal Grue. "Let's at least get answers first, right? If we just make a pie out of her then we're no closer to know what's going on than we were before."

"No!" cries the little girl, eyes wide as she turns to shake a finger at Grue, "No pie out of me!" She then shifts and starts to try and get away, heading for the stairs.

Lise pages: Lise is going to push both girls down the stairs simultaneously. ;)

GAME: Grue spends one point of Glamour.
GAME: Grue spends one point of Glamour.
GAME: Grue spends one point of Glamour.
GAME: Grue +proves him Wyrd of at least 3.

Grue rolled to all visible players: Brawl + Strength + 2 — Success=5
Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Strength + Athletics - 3 — Success=1
Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Strength + Athletics - 3 — Success=0

Grue lunges after the waif and wraps his thick arms around her in a tight hug that lifts her feet off the ground. "Got cha. Now we ask the questions. Bad answer and you loose a limb."

You paged Lise with 'Okay, one of them goes tumbling down the stairs. I'll pose it at the end of the round. The other one however is going to turn and around and try and bite you, what's your defense?'.

Lise pages: She's going full on dodge plus her kith blessing lets her spend 1 glamour to gain 1 dice to wit rolls. Since then both of her Dex and Wits are at 4. Her defence would be 4?
You paged Lise with 'Correct.'.

"I would just like to mention," Julia finally speaks at last! Her voice is crisp and a no-nonsense sort of tone, "That there is another one at the top of the stairs, watching and trying to remain unseen." As she speaks, her hand disappears beneath her jacket, easing a gun free. You just never know when it might be handy to have a gun in, er, hand.

GAME: Lise spends one point of Glamour privately to ST-Kitty.
GAME: ST-Kitty rolls a chance die privately to Lise: 0 successes.
You paged Lise with 'She misses.'.

Just as Julia says that there is another one at the top of the stairs, another does indeed come tumbling down. Letting out a shrieking wail like that of a banshee. There is also the sound of a scuffle from above as well.

You paged Lise with 'Alright, what're you doing now, miss trouble maker? ;)'.
From afar, Lise doesn't like giggling pretty girls! ;) She's going to try and shove the other one again.
Long distance to Lise: ST-Kitty rolls Lise's Init.. 12

Lillian watches the other girl come tumbling down… and she goes running up! "Who's up there?" she asks as she goes. "Come on out, darlings!"

You paged Lillian and Lise with 'When you get to the stairs, you'll notice that up at the top there is another one of the little girls, and another girl with a hoody. The two at the top seem to be having a fight of some sort.'.

The little girl starts to wail as Grue gets ahold of her, crying loudly. Tears starting to roll down her pale pretty fairest cheeks.

Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Strength + Brawl - 3 — Success=0

Grue rolled to all visible players: Strength + Brawl — Success=4
Grue rolled to all visible players: 2 — Success=1

You paged Lise with 'You miss. You can't quite get her to go down the stairs. She doesn't like that you did this and tries to kick you in the knee cap.'.
Lise pages: Go for pure dodge? 4 defense.

GAME: ST-Kitty rolls a chance die privately to Lise: 1 success!

You paged Lise with 'Hooray! You take one bashing.'.
Lise pages: Wooo!

Having had enough of this confusing banter, Grue falls back on age old tactics. He sinks his deadly teeth into the girls neck and shoulder and begins ripping away her flesh. Its messy. Its painful. Its loads of fun!

GAME: Lise causes herself 1 bashing damage.

You paged Lise with 'Going to push her again?'.
Lise pages: This time? Punch in the face ;)

Julia's other hand reaches beneath her jacket to pull her second pistol free, her attention on whatever *else* might be coming down the stairs. She starts to move that way, but passes to glance at Grue, frowning. "I am glad I did not run into you first when I got back." She mutters with distaste.

Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Strength + Brawl - 3 — Success=0

Lise pages: Damnit!
You paged Lise with 'You miss again. This time however the girl just glowers at you.'.

The sound of the scuffle up on the top of the stairs still goes on. And the girl that tumbled down them stands up, and looks about. She lets out a shriek when she sees what is happening to the girl in Grue's hold.

ST-Kitty rolls for init: 3

GAME: Lillian spends one point of Glamour.
Lillian rolled to all visible players, rerolling 9's: Presence + Persuasion + 3 — Success=2
Lillian rolled to all visible players, rerolling 9's: 11 — Success=4

Grue rolled to all visible players: Wits + Resolve — Success=1

Lillian frowns when she gets to the top of the stairs, and then she starts speaking loudly, passionately, in an enchanting voice that seems to fill the very air with the power of her words. "Stop fighting, please! This is supposed to be a place of peace, so let's all -be- at peace, talk about things, and figure out how to get along! Come on, you violent bastards, let's be friends here and maybe we can all go home alive!"

GAME: Grue +proves him Strength of at least 3.

GAME: ST-Kitty rolls a chance die to all visible players: 0 successes.

The girl that Grue is chomping on screeches and yells, and tries to get free of Grue's grasp, but it's no luck. She cannot get free of chompy mcchomperson.

Grue rolled to all visible players: Strength + Brawl — Success=3
Grue rolled to all visible players: 2 — Success=0

Grue glances up at the orator as she calls for peace and nods, "Gotcha pretty lady. Put em in pieces." And then he tears into the struggling girl once more. Blood drips from his terrible maw and splatters across his face, a rather decorative side effect of his cannabalistic hunger.

A gun in each hand, Julia moves to the bottom of the stairs to look up upon the source of the scuffling sounds. She frowns a little as she looks up there, inclining her head to one side. Her weapons are lowered and she narrows her gaze, turning to look back upon Grue once more.

The little girl at the bottom of the stairs blinks toward Lise, her eyes wide, she looks toward the one that Grue is chomping on, and then toward the stairs. She apparently decides to go in that direction, trying to rush up them to get away.

You paged Lise, Julia, and Lillian with 'The girl that was scuffling with Lise tries to run away as well.'.

"So I guess we're not bothering to ask who these little girls are?" Low-Key has been observing the scene with a dry and amused sense of detachment. His British accent finally breaking out. Well, it seems the little girl is not long for this world, more the pity. But there's one breaking away, and off Low-Key goes, chasing up the stairs after her…

The girl in the hoodie is squaring off with another Fairest, the former with a smirk on her lips though the observant might notice that she is resting her weight on one leg. One of her hands reach into her pocket but freezes when she hears Lillian's words. Frowning at her, she can't help but mutter, "I was just getting into it-…" then trails off at the sound of the screeching. "…holy fuck. Stop the fucker!"

Lillian rolled to all visible players: Strength + Brawl + 3 - 3 — Success=2

Lillian grumbles a bit as everything goes to hell and nobody really listens to her, and as the one fairest comes bounding up the stairs the other — her, the taller one, the pretty one — runs toward her and tackles, sprawling them both out on the ground. "Come on, you stupid little bitch! Just tell us what the hell you're doing here!"

Meanwhile the thing in Grue's arms is no longer a pretty little girl. While it hasn't grown any shorter than it was, it no longer has any hair.. And even more disturbing it no longer has any face, at all. No nose, no mouth, no eyes, no ears. Just a blank round head atop its neck and shoulders.

Looking up from his snack, the bloodied ogre shrugs, "Rabbit hops in the trap, he meant to be eat. Gentry spies walk in our house with no friends. They gonna end up the same as a little bunny." Glancing down at the faceless thing in his arms, he grunts in satisfaction and pulls the things head clean off with his meaty hands. "Damn fetches! Stupid chics say 'Be nice. Lets get along…' - Grue does the right thing." He tosses the body to the side and lets out a loud bellow of triumph.

Julia rolled to all visible players: Dexterity + Firearms + 1 + 2 - 2 — Success=4

A few steps foward at the word 'fetches' and Julia brings one of her pistols up quickly. A half a second is spent aiming and then: BANG! The shot rings out and the bullet is on the mark, cleanly entering the girl's leg. Julia is cool when firing, just the calm and composed visage of one who has fired a gun a *lot*.

There is another one of those horrible shrieks and the girl drops to the ground, rolling about and sobbing/shrieking in pain.

The other one is tackled by Lillian, splat.

Low-Key bends over to pick up some of the of the parts of the girl's body. Stuffing small bits into his pocket, and then he wanders off to follow behind the gun-toting woman, wincing at the echo of the loud noise throughout the free hold, curious to see what the fallen girl will have to say.

As soon as Gentry is mentioned in connection with the fairest girls, Lise's eyes narrow and her hand snaps into her inner-pocket to pull out a large knife with a six inch blade, like something out of an 80s gangsters movie. Her eyes, however, are fixed on the girl that she was scuffling with as she flees, moving to chase after her as well, making it only easier now that Julia shot her down.

Lillian rolled to all visible players: Manipulation + Wyrd - 2 — Success=0
Lillian rolled to all visible players: 2 — Success=0
Lillian rolled to all visible players: Presence + Intimidation — Success=0

Lillian stays where she is on top of the tackled girl and keeps shouting. "Tell us what the fuck you're doing here, you little bitch. If you don't, he'll come up here and eat you next, I swear to god!"

Grue rolled to all visible players: Presence + Intimidation — Success=4
At the summons Grue lopes up the stairs, around the bend, or wherever the hell the tackled girl is being interrogated. He looks down and laughs his horrible creepy laugh, "Oooh, another one. What does she taste like?"

Julia casualy ascends the stairs now, lowering her gun. There's a glance to Lilian and the other girl she's shouting at but her path continues on towards the one that Lise is approaching with her knife. The on that she shot. She doesn't say anything for the moment. She's just watching the downed girl.

ST-Kitty rolled to all visible players: 2: 0 successes, 2 failed.

The one that was shot just cries, curling up into a little ball. She sobs hysterically.

The one that got tackled cries as well. No longer trying to fight. She cries pathetically, "Not fetch! Not fetch! Had information, had information! NOT FETCH!"

"I'm actually almost certain that other chippie wasn't a fetch." Low's accented voice offers out, still flicking the zippo on and off, "Looks more like a mirrorskin to me. Dead now though, that's for sure. Still. Accidents happen, and we've all learned a very valuable lesson." He peers down at the tackled girl, leaning over her and offering with a smile that twists the scar on his lip, "Hello poppet. Welcome to New York."

Lise rolled privately to ST-Kitty: Dexterity + Weaponry - 3 — Success=1

Approaching the girl, Lise crouches down, eyes her, then stabs the knife downwards, pinning the Fairest's hand into place. "There we go. All set up for you guys. I need to go check on a few others that might be further down." Her eyes flick towards Julia, "Wanna join me?"

The girl that Low-key leans over cries, and tries to skitter backward and away from him. She sobs softly, "Not fetch! Not fetch! NO EAT! NO EAT!"

The one that got nailed to the ground with a knife simply screams in agony, and tries to pull on her hand to get it free.
Grue grunts at the crying girl, "Not a Fetch. What Court you oathed to?"

"What's your name there chap, Butcher?" Low-key is obviously talking to Grue, and he looks around for a few moments. He is carefully observing and watching the Freehold, looking around for signs of…ah ha. There you go, old boilers set into the wall, "I'm not sure if those are iron, they look old enough to be. But I am sure they're big enough to stuff a body into. Why don't we lock them in those…" Low-Key begins moving over towards the one with the knife in her hand, bending over her and yanking it out, rubbing it on her shirt as he winks playfully at her, "Until we get some time to talk to them."

The one that Grue grunts at screams a bit more, and tries to scramble up the stares. "Not fetch! Not fetch!"

The one that had the knife yanked out cries out in agony, and then curls up into the fetal position. She rocks back and forth and cries softly. Repeating the same mantra as her sister, "Not fetch. Not fetch. Not fetch."

Grue chuckles in amusement and nods over to Low-Key. "Right. Steam them like crabs." He scoops the girl nearest him up and tromps over to toss her in a boiler.

"Yes, yes I know. You're not fetches." Low bends down, putting his arm under the girl that is curled up on the ground, and lifting her to help push her towards the boilers. Of course, he would have pointed out inactive ones, not ones that would cook them, just a cramped tight space to force them into, as his British accent continues to soothe the girl, knife against her ribs, "That's it, come along now. There's a love. Terribly sorry about eating your friend. But we had a mass murder a few days ago see, so you happened to catch us a bit jumpy, not really on our best game.'

Neither of the girls resist, really who would? They simply cry and repeat their mantra over and over.

Grue tosses his girl in a defunct old boiler and winks at the other chap, as he returns to scoop up the headless body and toss it in as well. "In case she gets hungry. Beats eating your own toes." he notes and then slams the door closed with a satisfied grunt.

"What was your name again?" Low turns towards Grue, eyeing him up and down for a moment before nodding his head in agreement with the man's words. "We'll let them settle down a bit, get the shock out of their systems. They'll get tired in a few hours, and we'll be able to haul them out and see what's what."

Grue extends a meaty hand and leers at his acomplise, "Grue is Grue. Master Chef of the Orange Court."

The piteous cries of, "Not Fetch!" Eventually fade off into muffled incoherent sobs, and then finally silence from within the defunct boiler.

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