Peony's Vitals
Name: Peony Galen
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering/Chirurgeon
Court: Spring
Fame: Fabulous Healer!
Position: Spring Healer
Themesong: Europhia (Firefly) - Delirium
None yet as Peony Galen

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Peony Galen is a Flowering Fairest of the Spring court. She is known to be an excellent hear, though one of the 'soft and squishy' types. She also appears to be homeless, and tends to stick with the homeless of the city, tending to them when she can. It is fairly well known that she is still trying to rebuild her life.

Spring Mantle 2


Peony is petite, and dainty, and gentle looking. She is very obviously of the flowering kith of fairest. Her hair- or what might pass for it -is made up of flowers, cherry plum blooms covering her scalp. Creeping down around her face and neck are also vines of wisteria. Her eyes are a pale violet color, her skin an almost white pale purple, and her lips a darker Burgundy color. When she smiles her teeth are sharp and pointed like needles. Lastly her ears are slightly pointed, and her fingernails are more like thorns.

She dresses in modest clothing, a long sleeved t-shirt, a pair of faded worn blue jeans, and a black hoody over the top of this. On the back of the hoody is a careful painting of a red cross with flowers wound about it.

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