Phyllis Wyrdweaver
Grandmother Wyrdweaver's Vitals
Name: Phyllis Hargrove
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Witchtooth
Court: Autumn
Fame: Witch and Wise-Woman
Position: Occult Scholar
Themesong: -
Anonymous Model as Phyllis Hargrove

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Grandmother Wyrdweaver

Phyllis Anne Hargrove (née Rosenbaum), better known as Phyllis Wyrdweaver or Grandmother Wyrdweaver, is a prominent Autumn Courtier noted for her vast knowledge of Fae lore. Born to a working-class Jewish family in the Brooklyn of the 1920s, she was taken by the Gentry shortly after the birth of her third child with her husband, a tailor. Already somewhat isolated from her family after marrying a Gentile, she was not particularly missed once replaced by her Fetch. Phyllis emerged from the Hedge in October 2006, and quickly established herself in the Autumn Court. She tends to keep to the woods of Central Park, and while there are rumors that she is insane she seems friendly and maternal enough.

Autumn Mantle: 3


With flesh the purple-grey-black of a long-dead flower, the tall hag called Phyllis Wyrdweaver can be a disquieting sight. She is not as egregiously ugly as one might expect a hag to be; in fact, her features would be somewhat striking and handsome if not for the bestial, angular exaggerations borne by every one. Her face is weathered, lined with age, her skin leathery. Sharpness characterises her features: a birdlike nose matches a strong tapering chin and sharply pointed ears. The hag's wild, untamed ebon hair looks almost like plant-matter, as though the fallen leaves of Autumn were a part of her body. It is streaked in places with reds and oranges. Her eyes are a bold steely grey color that would be beautiful in any other context. When she opens her broad, thin-lipped mouth to smile or laugh, one can clearly see her mouthful of oversized and jagged teeth.

Dead stems and flowers and leaves wreath themselves about her body, forming a ragged but somehow elegant dress accented by asters, chrysanthemums, pansies and Autumn leaves. Her arms and shoulders are left bare, tense with wiry, knotted muscle. Spindly fingers are tipped with long, sharp nails. She goes barefoot, calloused feet and taloned toes finding easy purchase on the ground below.

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