Aurora Rotkappchen's Vitals
Name: Aurora Rotkappchen
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Winter (Onyx Court)
Fame: Serenity Crisis Center
Position: Owner/Administrator Serenity Crisis Center
Themesong: Li'l Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham
Bernadette Peters as Aurora Rotkappchen

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Standing just under five feet four inches tall, this diminutive female is epitomized by the shock of tight red corkscrew curls that cascades to the middle of her back. Amidst the flowing strands of tight curls lacey snowflakes and white gardenia peek shyly out at the world, their delicate forms adding crisp bursts of pale white to otherwise flame hued tresses. From beneath those curls, the tips of delicately pointed ears can just barely be spied. Almost doll-like in it's appearance, her face is oval in shape, the gentle angles complimented by high cheekbones and full lips. Warm brown eyes, while caring, hold a measure of undefinable sorrow in their depths, the more melancholy emotion tempered with undeniable presence of laugh lines. While diminutive of frame, ample curves define Aurora's figure, none of the waiflike thinness typical to youth found upon her person.
Upon her torso she wears a scoop-necked blouse of crimson silk. Full sleeves tapering to tight vambrace held closed by chromed buttons crafted in the likeness of wolf heads. Partially concealed beneath her thick fall of red curls, a flowing crimson hood drapes from the upper collar of the blouse. Delicate gold flowered embroidery adorns both the hood and the cuffs of her sleeves, the metallic threads woven into the likeness of shimmering snowflakes. Around her waist, a wide belt of crimson and gold leather has been cinched, the sturdy material serving both to protect her abdomen and emphasize the fullness of her figure. Upon her lower body, a broad linen skirt, in a darker shade of red, cascades to her ankles, the full skirt swirling with even the slightest of movements. Upon her feet, Aurora wears a pair of delicate, low heeled slippers in a shade of red matching her blouse.

General Reputation

Aurora Rotkappchen is the owner/operator of Serenity Crisis Center downtown. She is known amongst the homeless and abused for a being a kind heart and a caring soul always willing to lend a hand. She is known to have contacts with the homeless population of the city. It might also be notable that Serenity Crisis Center is 'unofficially' officially protected by a hulking brute going by the name of Wolfgang.

Winter Court Reputation (Mantle 2)

Part of the Winter Court, Aurora, or Red, has been around for at least a few years. Fortunately, she kept out of political circles, so avoided the… messiness with the White Scarecrow. Usually found at Serenity Crisis Center, she's known to spend a great deal of her time working with the city's homeless and abused populations. Over the years, Red has proven herself an avid supporter of her court and more then willing to lend a hand in whatever capacity is required at the time.


Known Allies

Wolfgang - Red's almost constant companion although what their relationship actually is is difficult to determine. What is certain, however, is that they are most often seen together, fairly closed-mouthed about what they are to one another, and that they both work out of Serenity Crisis Center.

Serenity Crisis Center

Located in Hell's Kitchen, our mission is to keep people in New York City alive and safe, help them through crises, and connect them with culturally relevant resources in the community. We do this by operating five county-wide programs:

24-Hour Crisis Lines. We operate New York City’s suicide prevention hotline. Staffed by highly-trained volunteers, the line provides counseling, support, and resource information to people experiencing personal crises as well as those contemplating suicide. We also handle all night, weekend, and holiday child abuse calls to Children’s Protective Services and elder abuse calls to Adult Protective Services.

Grief Counseling. Our grief counseling program provides individual and group counseling to youths and adults mourning the death of a loved one. Counseling is conducted by trained volunteers, many of whom once were grief clients. Support groups meet throughout the county for children who have lost family members and friends, parents who have lost children, survivors after suicide, families victimized by SIDS, and others. All counseling is free, and many volunteers speak Spanish. We also have a 24-hour grief line, as well as a special team that provides counseling at schools and businesses following the death of a student or adult.

Homeless Services. Our 24-hour homeless hotline is the first point of contact in New York’s continuum of care for the homeless. Through the hotline, individuals and families are referred to food, shelter, health care, job training, transportation, and other services. We also provide motel vouchers to homeless families, and we pay for free, personal voice mail boxes so that hundreds of homeless people have a way to communicate with employers, service providers, family members, and others.

Youth Violence Prevention. Our 24-hour youth crisis line is a safe place for students to call and report weapons on campus, another student’s homicidal or suicidal remarks, bullying, cutting, gang activity, and other dangerous behavior, which we then work to prevent. We also conduct classroom and community presentations on violence prevention, talking with students about pressures they face and how to deal with them effectively. Our MySpace page promotes our agency’s youth-related services.

Soup Kitchen and Shelter - While our facilities are limited due to space concerns, Serenity Crisis Center affords shelter and food to those in need on a first come, first served basis. Individuals are invited to stay at our facilities while getting back on thier feet and are provided with job placement and government assistance information. Serenity Crisis also has space available for families in need - interested parties should contact the crisis center personel for information.

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