Sydney's Vitals
Name: Lt. Sydney Leigh Staley
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Chirurgeon / Soldier
Court: Spring
Fame: The Wielder of Skilled Hands
Position: None
Themesong: None
None as Lt. Sydney Leigh Staley

NOTE: All content on this page should be considered OOC unless you have the IC means to know it.


Generally, Sydney is simply known as another member of the Spring Court — a Wizened of some strange, nebulous Kith. She keeps out of the limelight, and prefers to keep to herself. She can be found in Harlem or other poor areas of town, quietly making house calls throughout the poorer neighborhoods.

To the Spring Court, though, Sydney is a little more. She isn't a healer; she's a doctor. Like most Wizened, she's known to be able to work with inanimate objects, and has shown some proficiency in fixing things up better than normal. Unlike most Wizened, however, she packs heat most of the time, and it is reported that she keeps a small arsenal of weaponry at her place of business — a back-end clinic and workshop on the east side of town. When asked about her past, she simply states that she was originally deployed to Iraq when she was taken. Otherwise, she is tight-lipped about what she has seen on the other side.

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