The Pie Man
The Pie Man Synopsis
Start Date: November 18, 2008
End Date: December 2, 2008
Cast: Open
Storyteller: ST-Twitch


There have always been horror stories about hard times, and what the common business man will do to survive. Using rats in the sausages, kittens in the Sweet and Sour 'Chicken', a bit of white glue to thin out the milk, water in the beer - this is commonplace in these desperate times. But now there are rumours of a more nefarious sort - that homeless people are being scooped up off the street and baked into pies.

And those pies? They have begun to be delivered to the doorsteps of NYC's Lost, with old crumpled Christmas cards attached, and discernable body parts within.


Pie Man's Delivery Hob
Where Bob meets a hob in the middle of a pie delivery, and bargains for the Pie Man's identity
Following the Smoke
Where Bob and Chill venture forth into the Hedge in pursuit of the delivery hob
Kicking the Puck Bucket
Where Chill leads Crispin and Lucy back into the Hedge to finally deal with the delivery hob
The Stork bringeth Parlay
In which a stork-like hob comes a-knocking at the Hollow to parlay a meet between the Freehold and the Gizzard
Meeting with the Gizzard
In which the Gizzard comes to the Hollow to meet with the Freehold's members to discuss terms, but is sent packing

Future Plans

Any one interested in pursuing the Gizzard to negotiate further or to teach him a lesson, please @mail ST-Twitch

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