Three Little Girls
Three Little Girls Synopsis
Start Date: Thursday, October 30th, 2008
End Date: TBA
Cast: Julia, Low-Key, Lise, Lillian, Grue, Carolyn, Grady.
Storyteller: ST-Kitty

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Three little girls slink into The Hollow, only to be abused and attacked by the denizens of the Freehold. After being left in the boilers for a day, the "little girls" are interrogated by Low-Key and Carolyn. It is found out that they are indeed not changelings at all but a certain type of hedgebeast. They claim still to have information- information about hobgoblins coming to attack the freehold. A pact is made and the two still living are allowed to leave.



  • One of the little girls appeared as a kithless fairest, while the others appeared to be flowering fairests.
  • The Noppera-bo have no faces, no features what so ever. They might look something like a Munni
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