Tink's Vitals
Name: Tina Knox
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Drudge
Court: Autumn
Fame: Fixer
Position: Maintenance Girl
Themesong: -
- as Tina Knox

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Tink, real name Tina Knox, is an Autumn Courtier of some note, though she often seems to prefer that this wasn't the case. She has a strong tendency toward skulking about in the shadows and a definite preference for going unnoticed. She also has a knack with machinery, which is probably where her nickname comes from; she's often tinkering with something or another, or working on her great work, a strange machine whose purpose she doesn't even know, but which she works on passionately in her free time.

She emerged from the hedge two years ago, in Autumn of 2006, and she works at the Manhattan Mall where she scurries about behind the scenes fixing things as part of the maintenance crew. Or, at least, as part of the crew when the property management company that owns the Mall doesn't lose her employment paperwork. Again.

((Autumn Mantle: 4))


Standing at probably closer to 4 feet in height than 5, and skinny at that, this woman is quite elfin in appearance. Despite her shortness everything about her seems thin and long, from the points of her ears to the delicate and nimble fingers on her hands, her overly-large narrow eyes, and limbs that are too long for her short stature and are more bone than muscle. Her skin is smooth seeming not to even wrinkle in places that it should, and her posture makes her always seem like she's shrunk in on herself, almost cowering, like she'd rather not be looked at. Her hair is brown, thin, and straight, cut just above shoulder length and usually pulled back into pigtails that leave just her bangs hanging down in the front.

Her clothes are simple and functional, a pair of old jeans well worn in and grubby tennis shoes, plus a t-shirt that probably used to say something but is so faded that just specs of white printing can be seen on it. Over that she has a black jacket with pockets on each breast that bulge like they're full of tiny knick-knacks. Pulled down on her head is a grey cable-knit cap, leaving bangs hanging down to frame her face and her pigtails sticking out in the back.

The strength of this tiny girl's Autumn mantle is quite obvious, manifesting as an aura of chilll that seems to make plants around her age and wither. As she moves about, occasionally vividly-coloured autumn leaves drop off of her, seemingly from nowhere, and flutter to the ground, and she smells of delicious feasts to celebrate the harvest.

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