Twitch's Vitals
Name: Switchblade
Seeming: Either a Beast or Wizened
Kith: Of the Beast persuasion, maybe a Skitterskulk? He moves fast enough for one. No clue, if he's Wizened, though he sure does like knives.
Court: Summer
Fame: Dueling Drugs. I mean, Dealing Duels. Er, Duels & Drugs
Position: -
Themesong: Bad to the Bone
Christian Bale in the Machinist, with a greaser ducktail and a leather jacket as Switchblade

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Maybe the Wyrd is trying to find balance for the New York Lost and their hard times, to give the few remaining Changlings of the city a fighting chance, as here is yet another Summer courtier.

Twitch is obviously taken from the early 60's or so, his clothes like an extra from West Side Story or Grease. Hair swept back, black and shiny from some product, making a nice duck tail in the back. Yet his face is more Clint Eastwood: squinty eyes, hard mouth, and skin like leather.

Anarexic thin, sometimes wracked with coughing fits, Twitch seems to be wasting away, eaten up internally with some disease of the lungs - making him a fit for being one of the Wizened. Yet he moves almost too quick, his motions faster than the eye can follow at times - along with his like of scorpions, he might be a Skitterskulk Beast.

Twitch claims he's been back in realville for a few months, and talks as if he's made contact with the old neighborhood, though most of the old timers think he is the grandkid or great grandkid of the greaser they know as Switchblade. He's gotten back into some type of street business - it whispered that its drugs - and just recently moved into the Hollow. Despite a rough attitude, and a temper to match his season, Twitch goes on a lot about teaming up to make the freehold stronger. Who knows if he can walk his talk though.


Withered thin, the figure makes Christian Bale in the Machinist look fat. Ameciated to the point where the bones almost piece through the flesh, it creates the look of jagged edges and points - like a scaly caprice with sharp horns. The skin is taunt, tense and dry like stretched leather over a drum, but too weathered and wrinkled to over produce a beat. The hands are long fingered, quick, never at rest.

He's wearing a black leather jacket cut for a biker, the back adorned with the word 'Scorpions' with the stylized namesake looking mean below it. A chain is looped around the left shoulder of the jacket. Underneath the leather is a wife beater that used to be white. Tight straight legged jeans cover the legs in dark denim. Out of the right back pocket sprouts a grease-stained red bandana. Black biker boots clad the feet. From a far, this might be mistaken as the get up of a rock-a-billy, but up close, those who know realize this is the genuine article: a greaser.

The hair is dark from grease and slicked back into a duck tail. Eyes lost in crow's feet squint out, as if looking for a lost horizon. The mouth long ago lost any flesh for lips. When a smile is flashed, it doesn't quite reach the eyes, exposing sharp small teeth stained with nicotine and too many cups of joe.

RP Logs

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