Chill Veronica's Vitals
Name: Veronica Stone
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Snowskin
Court: Winter
Fame: Master Spy, Total Bitch
Position: Gemcutter, Silverman Jewellers
Themesong: Shirley Bassey - Diamonds are Forever
Lady GaGa as Veronica Stone

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Under Ice

Veronica Stone, generally known to the Lost as Veronica the White or Chill Veronica, was abducted in the 80s and returned not too long ago right around the Christmas season. She's notorious for being as cold and impassive as she is beautiful, but she is not entirely joyless. The right party or the right man can thaw her out for a while, but never for too long. Noted in the Winter Court for her great intelligence and her talents as a spy, she works by day as a jewelry designer and gemcutter at Silverman Jewellers in the Manhattan Mall. She has a particular affinity for diamonds, and wears a diamond pendant that some speculate is full of cocaine. That may just be the 80s look giving her an unfair reputation.

Winter Mantle: 3

Diamonds are Forever

Veronica the White is beautiful, to be sure, but what is most striking about her is not her face or body but the fact that she is apparently composed entirely of snow and other forms of frozen water. Her hair is a sheet of gleaming frost, her eyes like pale blue jewels set in a fine ice sculpture, with a dusting of snow over the lines and curves to keep the form from being translucent.

She wears a form-fitting garment of teal blue silk, a sort of hooded blouse that wouldn't look out of place on Grace Jones in the mid-80s, if it were pink. This is paired with tight black leather pants, and the overall look evoked is rather stark against her snow-white skin.

The Winter's Tale

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