Wolfgang's Vitals
Name: Wolfgang Sondheim
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Autumn
Fame: None of note
Position: That Scary Guy Near The Door, Serenity Crisis Center
Themesong: Would You Love A Monsterman - Lordi
Rob Zombie as Wolfgang Sondheim

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A goat's head drapes over this man's brow in a morbid hood of pale and unkempt fur, one fly-gnawed ear flicking desperately, its madly-rolling eyes stained by bloodied sclera as they stare at those who pass. A tangled mane of chestnut shadows spreads back from his brow, falling in stringy semi-curls like wild-growing and dying vines to spill out over his shoulders, as untamed as its owner. His forehead slopes downwards slightly to the ridge of his brow where enough dark hair grows that it might seem he's only one eyebrow save at a closer look; his jaw shadowed by a goatee that spreads out into a dark stain of stubble along his jawline; his broad lips generally chapped, more often curved into a sneer or smirk than a smile, though those rare and too-broad smiles reveal a mouthful of sharp lupine teeth. The eyes set deep into his rough visage are a brown so deep as to almost be black, the darkness ruling at most times although intense emotion brings out myriad gleams of yellow-gold amidst the shadow. It's a difficult gaze for most to hold— there's a strange hunger to it, a nameless yearning that's easily disturbing to others.

As he stands a few inches over six feet, the rest of the hooded coat has quite a bit of room to cover; a patchwork weave of hides and pelts stitched together cunningly with gossamer thread that glints only in direct moonlight. Some life seems to stir still within the coat's materials— the face of a mink silently snapping at those who grow too close, the stitched-closed eyes of a basilisk whose scaled face is spread across the shoulderblades twitching as if to open, the steely feathers of a symphalian bird rustling over one broad shoulder, the broken jaw of a great serpent who makes up one arm uselessly trying to bite against the thick muscle of his wrist. The garb worn beneath the coat is more mundane; a dark turtleneck sweater that's seen better days though the stains blend in with its hue, torn black jeans worn through at the knees and cuffs held up by a sturdy leather belt whose buckle is a chromed wolf's head, a pair of worn steel-toe shit-kicker boots that cover his feet and legs well past the ankle, stained with mud and the years he's had them. A pair of worn, fingerless leather gloves cover his hands, the lack of fingers allowing one to easily note the lack of fingernails— instead, cruel, short canine claws tip his fingers, far from razor sharp but also far from harmless.

Commonly Known Reputation

A rather intimidating brute that's generally to be found around the Serenity Crisis Center, serving as unofficial security against pimps, drug pushers, and abusive boyfriends that might show up at the place; even the humans who can't see those teeth and claws tend to give causing trouble a second thought around him, and he no-doubt feeds well on the fear felt by those whose desperation drives them to the locale. A lupine Hunterheart and a member of the Autumn Court, he escaped from Arcadia some years ago with 'Red' and they've kept together since, despite the fact that he gravitated away from the season that they arrived in and joined the Ashen Court. What exactly 'together' means - whether it be friendship, romantic entanglement, or merely the common bond of a common Keeper - is something left for the gossips to puzzle out.

Autumn Court Reputation (Mantle: 2)

The handful of years that Wolfgang's been in town, he's kept fairly quiet and out of the way despite being part of the 'ruling court' - something that likely saved his life after that dreadful September night. Aside from his reputation as a terrifying person, there's more to him than mere muscle and fear; he's known to be well in-tune with the local Hedge and its ways, and it's believed he tanned and stitched the chimaera coat he wears himself from the leather and fur of hobgoblin beasts.

Known Associates

  • Aurora Rotkappchen - "Red" - His unofficial 'boss' - in that she pays him to keep an eye on the Serenity Crisis Center - they emerged from Arcadia together some years back, and have been in close association with one another ever since. What their relationship is, well, they don't tend to discuss it with anyone else, leading to entertaining rumors. Generally, people take pains to keep these rumors from him.

Notable Possessions

The Chimaera's Coat (Token 3)

A heavy, hooded hedgespun duster made of the stitched-together flesh and fur and leather of a dozen animals normal and mythical - and still, horrifically, imbued with some strange life, the various beasts and hobgoblins who gave their lives to craft it watching those nearby, snarling in silence, snapping, and generally rustling from time to time, all the more anxious and fierce as the emotions of their wearer grow stronger.

To mundane eyes incapable of seeing the wonders and terrors of the fae, it resembles a heavy, reinforced leather duster with metal plates sewn into the lining for protection, studded with chromed spikes here and there for the intimidation factor and airbrushed across the back with a swirling image of horrible beasts and monsters.

It grants the wearer some light protection in combat (1/2 Armor as a kevlar vest) and an additional die to Intimidation dice pools.

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